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WNYDA Educational Grant Program

 Ida Mizelle Fund

One of the original founders of WNYDA was Ida Mizelle, who generously donated monies at her death for use by WNYDA.  These monies were invested after a financial committee was formed to develop guidelines on its use. It is important to note, that these funds should proceed for specificed programs and activities, rather than be used to balance WNYDA's general checkbook or financials. The strategy for the Ida Mizelle fund is as follows:

  • To benefit the WNYDA members from projects undertaken as a result of the dividends of the investment funds

  • Conservation and growth of the principal

  • Over the long-term, WNYDA membership will sustain long term stability and income for projects that will grow according to the size of the invetsment principal

  • When possible, the amount of money available for programs will be the interest/dividends on the principal accrued in the preceding year

  • Monies may be withdrawn from the principal at no more than 7% of the total principal in any one year

WNYDA Educational Grant Program - Ida Mizelle Fund

The purpose of the WNYDA Educational Grant Program is to provide support for educational programs for WNYDA members in the Western New York area. Each membership year from December 1st to November 30, the WNYDA Board will grant funds for up to three educational programs in the Western New York area.  Grants may range from $100 - $1000 per event, depending on the funding required.  Grants will only be awarded via an application process, presentation and approval by the WNYDA Board and will only be awarded to WNYDA members.

Although not inclusive, the following is a list of possible Programs that may be run. In cases where multiple requests for grants are made within one year, the following Programs are listed in order of preference from #1 being the most favorable Programs for consideration to #5 being the least favorable Programs for consideration.

  1. The educational opportunity should have wide appeal among our members

  2. The Program yields a unique educational experience that would not be available otherise

  3. The grant supports our youth interested in gaining more knowledge about dressage

  4. The grant may be used by our members to promote derssage (education) or an aspect of dressage in the greater horse community in Western New York

  5. The grant may be used by adult amateaurs or professionals seeking to further their dressage knowledge through attending a dressage clinic or attending a dressage related educational event.

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WNYDA L Judges Part II Grant

This grant program is for WNYDA members who are actively completing the USDF L Judges training program. WNYDA is providing this grant money to foster and facilitate judges training for those in our area. The grant can be used at any USDF L Judges training part II program. It is our desire and hope that this grant can assist WNYDA members in completing the USDF L Judges training program.

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